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writer, director, Editor


Ashley Mosher has written and directed 5 short films and is known for her last film, Love Birds, made in the Amazon jungle under the tutelage of Werner Herzog. She creates both fiction and documentary films as the writer, director, cinematographer and editor. An adventurer at heart, she writes about journeys of both the body and soul, often using her own explorations as the foundation for her films. 


Her short films include Love Biscuit(2015), The Bachelor: A Satire(2016), Back to Camp(2017), Love Birds(2018), and SideOrder(2020). Prior to creating short films, she partnered on building Feed Them With Music (, a non-profit using all things music to help solve starvation around the world. As the Vision Director she partnered with high profile artists [The National (2012), Train (2014), Gavin Degraw (2011) & more] to make live music videos which inspired their fan bases to support the cause. 


Ashley has traveled the world making films and photographs, including capturing footage for a National Geographic film, Holy UnHoly River (2014). Her book, Ganga Maa (2017) is a photographic and written story of her experience working on the film as they travelled the entire length of the Ganges River.


Ashley currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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warren etherEdge


Warren Etheredge, Side Order Film producer

Warren Etheredge is a Storyfinder™, a successful producer, published author, staged playwright, veteran festival programmer and much sought-after public speaker. He has conducted over 3,500 interviews. 


As a producer, his previous  credits include PERSONHOOD (d. Jo Ardinger), FUREVER (d. Amy Finkel), LAST REQUESTS (d. Courtenay Johnson), THE LOST MARINER (d. Tess Martin), EVEN THE WALLS (d. Saman Maydani & Sarah Kuck), LOVE BIRDS (d. Ashley Mosher), THE RAIN PONCHO (d. Andrea Rosen), EVERY BEAUTIFUL THING (d. Sonya Lea) and the webseries, THE ENCHANTED KITCHEN w/Sasha Graham. [Sharp-eyed readers will note Warren now only produces works created by women, with an exception made for Geoff Marslett’s THE PHANTOM 52 that premiered at Sundance in 2019.] In the Fall of 2017, he launched a 30-week screenwriting program at the University of Washington and was appointed the VP of Curation & Acquisitions for Tom Skerritt’s start-up, Heyou Media. 


He is one of the founding faculty of TheFilmSchool ( and The Red Badge Project (, helping combat veterans work through PTSD and other issues by teaching them the art of storytelling.  He has hosted multiple television series including The High Bar (, his Emmy®-nominated television series devoted to “raising the bar,” Scene! & Heard for GreatMovieScenes. org, Reel NW ( on KCTS and ArtsLink. He is the Co-founder and Curator for the Walla Walla Movie Crush (, co-founder of the Rainier Independent Film Festival and shorts programmer for The Seattle Jewish Film Festival.  Additionally, Warren is the founder of The Warren Report ( 

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