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5 Tips for Performers in Vulnerable Productions

As an actor it's sometimes difficult to know what you can and can't do to advocate for yourself in any given production. When it comes to working with intimacy, nudity or simulated sex, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

This post was written by Side Order Intimacy Coordinator, Kristen Knittle. She worked with our cast and crew throughout the entire production - enabling confidence, comfort, and excellence for everyone involved.

1. Research the project Once you have the name of the project and the director you are auditioning for, take the time to research them online.

Is there a legitimate website? (must have specific information for contact and business address.)

Do they have an IMDB page? 

Finally, ask around and find out if anyone you know has worked with them before.

2. Take someone with you to the audition Never go to an audition for erotic content alone, unless it is with a production company or director you know.

3. Ask the difficult questions Will the nudity be real or implied? Will I be working with an intimacy coordinator? If the answer is no, ask why. Do I have the right to say no if things change during the production process, after paperwork is signed? 

4. Check in with yourself Ask yourself if you are really comfortable with the work. Are you really ok with it, or are you just saying yes to try to build your resume? Never accept work that you do not want to do for the sake of building your resume. Once you do it, it cannot be undone.

5. Request an Intimacy Coordinator As an actor you have the right to make reasonable requests. An intimacy coordinator may not be in the budget, but at the very least, you can request a consultation for yourself and the director before the project begins. 

This post originally appeared on Kristen Knittle's blog. For more information and content on this topic, visit Kristen's website

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