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Coordinating Intimacy and Sex on a Movie Set with I.C. Kristen Knittle.

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Side Order was the first film made in Portland, OR that hired an Intimacy Coordinator

Side Order’s Lead P.A., Krista Hershberger, steps out and asks Kristen a few questions of her own about being an Intimacy Coordinator on the set of the film.

Krista: What first attracted you to working on Side Order?

Kristen: I was very excited by the prospect of working with a story like this that displays nudity and sexual content written and directed by a woman with a majority female crew.

Krista: Why do you think Side Order is an important story to tell?

Kristen: Throughout the history of film it has been the norm to produce content by and for men. The male gaze is what we know, and it's only been in very recent years that the female gaze has even been discussed in detail. Having a woman tell a story about sex and the true nature of stepping outside your comfort zone in the bedroom is groundbreaking. We don't need to see another hot sex scene. We do need to see the emotional reality of what happens when we think we may be ready for something new and different in sex only to discover we are absolutely not.  

Krista: What are you most passionate about within your role in production?

Kristen: Making sure that I am on top of my duties as both an emotional support system for the actors and a movement coach. The physicality of performing simulated sex on camera is much different than we think it is and the actors are often not trained in the techniques. I need to ensure that I am there for them for both the physical and emotional roller coaster that this work presents.

Krista: What advice/encouragement would you give to others considering becoming and I.C.?

Kristen: Patience! We are working hard to create the most safe and effective training program for this work, but it is not something you can jump into. It takes time and a lot of work before you can be certified as an IC, and we want to ensure the film community that the IC's are in fact well trained. Take the time to contact Intimacy Directors International. Sign up for the workshops and know that this work is worth the effort of going through the proper procedures to eventually become fully certified. We want safe sets!

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