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Lead Actor, Sonya Davis, takes us into her personal experience working on the film.

Sonya Davis, Side Order's lead actor, shares her personal experience of working on the film.

What first attracted you to working on Side Order? I was drawn to Side Order because I felt it was a really relevant story in this modern world and one that I had run across in my circle more than once. Also, I’m interested in the difference between intimacy and sex and how they overlap too. I felt that this was a cool exploration of that.  Why do you think Side Order is an important story to tell?

Because it neither glorifies nor condemns what the characters are doing, but rather takes an honest look at how a threesome can be. Many have an idealized fantasy about how this experience would be and that feels misguided, be it by pornography or just our general society. The reality is that everyone involved has feelings and those can be quite fragile, especially when it comes to sex, friends, and life partners. What new challenges did you personally face as an actor during this project? This project was incredibly vulnerable for me. Saying yes to it meant being nude on camera which I had been on the fence about ever doing. It also meant a sex scene which I hadn’t done to this extent. Those were my biggest fears. I didn’t want to make a career mistake. Ultimately though, it felt right and I would have had more regrets not doing it so I decided to let my artist self have this one. Not surprisingly my biggest challenge was the sex scene. It was uncomfortable on so many different levels. As a character and an actor it was just difficult; and more so than I thought it would be despite it being such a safe environment.    What was the most meaningful moment during the production process for you? The most meaningful moment(s) for me were probably every time action was taken to make the set professional and respectful. There was a moment where it probably would have been easier to have an extra hand on set, but rather than make me have to choose about adding another person to an originally closed set, our intimacy coordinator stepped in and did a job she didn’t have to do to keep it closed. Everyone was aware of being respectful and I so appreciated that. 

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