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Side Order: Straight out of Portland

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Huge Thanks to all our Portland Partners!

Side Order is written and directed by local Portland filmmaker, Ashley Mosher. She has gathered a team of Portland locals and natives to bring her short film to the big screen.

From start to finish, this film is a product of the Portland community. Casting was done by Portland-based casting agency, Weeble Mountain. The cast includes Sonya Davis, Beth Thompson, and Christopher Hirsh. They are all active in the local film and theater communities.

All film crew members also call Portland home and have been working within the local film industry. Our all-star team includes: Ben Bach, Aileen Sheedy, Christiann Burch,

Gabe Twigg, Timothy Wildgoose, Sara Dickman, and Kristen Knittle and incredibly supportive PA’s Krista Hershberger, Jon Soffa and Alyssa Pinter.

This film project is supported by the incredible Portland business community!

Groundwork Coffee Co. kept our team energized and focused every day of production! Before any camera, lights, and definitely action - the first activity on set was the cast and crew filling up their coffee cups with Groundwork Coffee Co's caffeinated elixir.

This bottle of bourbon from Freeland Spirits makes an appearance in the film! Not wanting to have too much fun on the first night, we switched out the bourbon for... take a guess juice! Unfortunately, we shot enough takes that the cast still felt the effects of a sugar-overload. Anyone have a healthier idea for fake bourbon?

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