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SIDE ORDER - film announcement

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

A provocative exploration of a young woman’s planned tryst with a friendly couple explores the blurred boundaries of intimacy, friendship and status.

In early March, Ashley Mosher moves into production on her latest film, SIDE ORDER.

The film will shoot over four days in the Portland area.  Mosher, who also wrote the script, has cast great local talent; the film stars Portland locals Sonya Davis, Beth Thompson and Christopher Hirsh and will include music by local musicians. The mature content will be guided in conjunction with a HBO Intimacy Coordinator, Kristen Elizabeth Knittle.

The plan is to wrap post-production in time for entry into the late Fall ’19, early 2020 festival circuit.

SIDE ORDER is produced by Mosher in partnership with Warren Etheredge, who has shepherded many movies to festival accolades including THE PHANTOM 52, EVEN THE WALLS and  FUREVER. Mosher’s last short, LOVE BIRDS — for which Werner Herzog served as a Consulting Producer — has just begun its screening journey.

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