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The Director’s Statement

Sexuality is something our society either exploits or hides completely, out of shame and fear of being vulnerable. Today, what is mostly available around sexual exploration in entertainment media is porn, which magnifies erotic explorations like threesomes (or group sex), yet eliminates the emotional and spiritual aspects of Eros altogether. Unfortunately, this eliminates the incredible opportunity to show us how our sexuality, and the exploration of it, is a force for our greater consciousness and evolution. 

In SIDE ORDER, I wanted to tell a story that included all aspects of opening oneself to the vulnerable nature of intimacy and sex. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual opportunities that arise in pursuing our individucal Eros. The intention of the film was to shed light on the fragile and sensitive nature of how sexual encounters provide us with ample revelations on who we, and those we engage with, truly are. My goal was to reveal an authentic sexual exploration and the vulnerable experiences of one woman who courageously goes beyond her, and societies, comfort zone in pursuit of deeper love and belonging. It’s a story about choosing to step off the cliff in order to find out who we truly are, despite the risk of losing what’s most precious to us.

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